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Pixeldust truetype font
Pixeldust Bold truetype font
Pixeldust Expanded truetype font
Pixeldust Expanded Bold truetype font

Copyright 2001 by dustBUST fonts - Andreas Nylin

This fonts is free for all non-commercial and commercial uses. However you must
inform me if you are going to use it for anything commercial and you must also
send me a copy of the product you have used it for (like a record sleeve, T-shirt,
etc). You are not allowed to distribute these fonts without my permission. Contact
me for permission. You may never ever sell my fonts, include them on CD's or make
any changes to the files. If you use a font, please show me what you used it for.

What do I mean by commercial usage? Commercial use is if you are using my font for
a product for a company

I, Andreas Nylin, will never be responsible for any damage caused by these
files. You use them at you own risk.

/Andreas Nylin

E-mail: dustbustfonts@yahoo.se

WWW: http://dustbust.cjb.net